Sale and Leaseback

sale and leaseback

A Sale and Leaseback finance solution offers an alternative revenue raising opportunity. This method of financing can allow you to invest more into your business for new equipment, debt reduction, and other business expansion opportunities.

This works by selling an asset which you then enter into a lease agreement. You remain in possession of the asset for the specified term of the lease and pay a monthly rental. In many cases you’ll receive a price for your assets in excess of the market value. and you’ll have capital freed up to take advantage of new opportunities.

Sale and Leaseback Agreement

If you’ve decided that a sale and leaseback agreement is going to benefit your business. What’s next?

Get in touch with us and we’ll look at your situation and source an agreement that will suit your situation. We have direct access to a large network of lenders including Australia’s top 4 banks. As such we can source the best solution and provide the most flexible options to best suit your needs.

Sale and Leaseback Benefits include:

  • Similar benefits to leasing.
  • Recoupment of capital cost outlaid from cash reserves to purchase the asset.

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