Spotlight: Amphibious tractors, excavators and more

April 22, 2019

No ‘fail’ videos this time around – just a selection of weird and wacky waterborne workers. From harvesters to tractors, drain diggers to amphibious cars, there’s something for everyone.

Wet, wet, wet

Who knew you could do so much with an amphibious excavator? ‘Great Water-king Machines’ indeed..

Down the drain?

Now this is one mad-looking machine. Giant front-mounted blade? Check. Spools of drainage pipe? Check. Crazy silver tracks? Check. Seriously, this baby’s got it all.

Look at the pretty flowers

Who doesn’t love a water hyacinth? We sure do – and so does this harvester.

Speaking of amphibians…

Okay, so they’re not work machines. But you’ve gotta admit they’re pretty cool. Amphicar 770, anyone? If it’s good enough for US President Lyndon B Johnson, it’s good enough for us. Or how about a submarine car? (Yes, it was inspired by James Bond.) Plus: amphibious motorhomes. Say no more.